Monday, July 20, 2009

Steady as she goes...

Finally getting close to finishing the roof, the barge capping is now fitted on both sides and I managed to get the gutter on on one side.

Now all thatss left is put the gutter on at the back of the shed, silicon the gutter ends in and the droppers, after that comes the pipe work to divert the water to the 'yet' to come water tank.

The last two bits left is to place trims around the PA door and put the windows in.

The barge capping on the far side of the shed.

The guttering on the front of the shed.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The roof is almost done!

I only managed a half days work today, in that time I put the roof capping on finished putting the remaining screws in the roof, after much wrestling I also got the barge capping on one side of the shed.

The barge capping which comes in at 6.4 meters is rather flimsy for its length, the idea is to cut one side of it and let it over lap on the side of the shed, unfortunately no matter what I did to one end the other end would do something entirely different so I cut the capping in half an put it up that way, it should cause any leaking but I'll silicone the tops just in case.

Since the other side of the shed needs the roof sheeting trimmed to allow the barge capping to sit flush against the side wall I left it till I have more time, so instead I put the locks on the garage doors since I now have the screws to put them together, The shed can now be locked.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Now with 2 doors.

Since my helper had a party to go to today, I decided I wasn't going to do anything on the roof, I'm not real enthusiastic about getting on the roof as it is and to go up there without anyone near by wasn't going to happen, as it turned out it wasn't the best day for being on the roof anyway, it was that windy I spent the best part of the morning either catching the ladder before it hit the ground or picking it up all together, just as well I wasn't on the roof!

As I couldn't do the roof I decided to put up the corner trims on the shed. The next item that I figured I'd better do is get the wall sheets on the gable sides of the shed screwed in properly, I had only done the bottom row and the middle row and was going to do the last row when I put the end capping on, with the wind the way it was I thought it safer to get them in now so the wind wouldn't damage the sheets.

Last week Mum had cut the trims for the top of the roller doors to length, so I decided to screw those in as well.

When we fitted the roller door a couple of weeks ago we had lifted the second door into place and temporarily fastened it so it wouldn't move, at that stage we couldn't seat it properly because we had to cut the axles to length so they would fit side by side, I cut those and managed to seat it properly, the hardest part was to seat the guides properly on my own, in the end i got it all working.

Some Pictures of the inside.

Now with 2 doors.