Saturday, July 18, 2009

The roof is almost done!

I only managed a half days work today, in that time I put the roof capping on finished putting the remaining screws in the roof, after much wrestling I also got the barge capping on one side of the shed.

The barge capping which comes in at 6.4 meters is rather flimsy for its length, the idea is to cut one side of it and let it over lap on the side of the shed, unfortunately no matter what I did to one end the other end would do something entirely different so I cut the capping in half an put it up that way, it should cause any leaking but I'll silicone the tops just in case.

Since the other side of the shed needs the roof sheeting trimmed to allow the barge capping to sit flush against the side wall I left it till I have more time, so instead I put the locks on the garage doors since I now have the screws to put them together, The shed can now be locked.

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