Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Putting the roof frames up

Today just seemed as though very little was accomplished compared to Sunday.

Putting the middle trusses up didn't quite go as planned, unlike the outer trusses the middle ones need to be bolted down rather then screwed, in its self not difficult unless of course you find that the only socket set and spanner set you brought are 2mm to too small. so they will get done tomorrow.

Up went the purlins and finally the strapping to give the roof some tension. If anything the most time consuming was going up and down the ladder all day screwing the purlins to the trusses.

Four of the eight purlins up and it was almost lunchtime.

Placing the purlins in position ready for fastening.

Trying to work out were best to screw the strapping.

Another days work done.

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  1. Great work keep up the pics and the blogging