Monday, June 15, 2009

Roughly 7 months ago...

A couple of months ago i have placed an order for a small 6m x 9m shed, in the mean time i have been going out to the block from time to time to see what its like in certain weather conditions.

In November of 2008 we had our biggest rainfall in years in the area where my block is located west of Brisbane, we had rainfall of 170cm in the 1 day, given that we haven't had any decent rain in maybe 5 years the ground was hard and not going to soak up much water in any great hurry, needless to say the water had to go somewhere, so it follows slopes, causeways and rivers.

As I've mentioned my block has a dip in the center of it, this is a natural watercourse that is only really a watercourse when we have torrential rain.

A couple of days had passed since the rain, below are a few pictures of what remained.
Difficult to see in this picture is the lower section of the fence covered in debris, I was lucky as the neighbours fences on the left and their neighbours fences all had to be replaced as a result of the damage.

This is looking straight across the block towards the fence in the top picture, this is where the water pools.

The same pool looking towards the back of the block.

The flood damage at the bottom of my street.

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