Sunday, June 21, 2009

The roller doors

Today would have been the least productive of days, the weather forecast was more showers then sun. I'm not real keen getting on the roof as it is, with rain around its just not an option. My plan now was to get the roller doors up and make the shed lockable.

When you get a kit for a shed it pays to look in every bag of miscellaneous bits to see what you actually get.

I spent half an hour a couple of days ago trying to work out how to mount the roller door brackets, for some reason it was in my mind to use 8 screws per bracket, this is after reading the manual several times, i didn't like this for two reasons, 8 screws aren't going to hold the door and there wasn't enough 'meat' to screw into.

Mum and i decided to go for a drive to one of the shed companies display areas and have a look at how they mounted the brackets (a mere 60km round trip). Upon arrival i see a shed the same layout as mine, looked inside and found 3 bolts per bracket, much better idea.

Driving back to the block puzzled at why i didn't get any bolts in the kit we passed a hardware store, i bought the necessary bits and off we went. Back at the block i go about marking and drilling holes, go to mount the brackets and find the bolts i bought were not threaded far enough towards the head to tighten the assembly (back to the hardware store swap bolts).

Finally i have the right bits to continue and i mount all the brackets.

When lacking brawn, brains come in handy, we couldn't lift the doors high enough to get them on the brackets, so we used ratchet tie down straps and the ladder to 'see-saw' the door high enough to lift it into position on the brackets.

Once we had one end of the roller door on the bracket i put a U-bolt in to stabilise the door and stop it from rolling of the bracket, Opening the bag that had the U-bolts and roller door handles we also found the nuts and bolts we needed for the door brackets!

The Door is up U-bolts tightened, measured, centralised and tensioned, now we get to fit the side tracks. For something i figured to be a difficult process the door seated nicely and runs smoothly!
By now it was getting late so we raised the other door onto the brackets and temporarily bolted it down.

With still only half the roof done and now only half the doors done we end another day.

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