Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Roof Pt. 2

When we arrived at the block we noticed the normally dry water hole had water in it. The last week must have produce some decent rain on the block, we were to find out later the effects of lots of rain here.

We started of the day with our usual cup of coffee, then we got started on getting the sheets on the roof, the ground at the back of the shed sits higher then at the front and at the front left sits higher then the right.

To get the sheets on the roof Mum would be on the ground lifting and pushing the sheets over me and i would be on the ladder guiding the sheets onto the roof, as the middle of the sheet passes over me the sheet would fall and stay on the purlins allowing me to push it home and screw it into position.

By the time we hit the 5th sheet we started running into some problems, firstly the ladder wasn't high enough for me to comfortably balance while placing the sheets and to put the screws in i was working at head height. This caused by the slope in the land and the rain had soaked the ground so the ladder would sink making it shorter.

We drove to the hardware store and bought a 2.1 meter 'A' ladder that can be made in to a 3.6 straight ladder (not that i ever anticipate to use it at that height!)

Back to work it was, we got the rest of the sheets on the roof, i had to reseat them so they all sit straight, halfway across the roof the drill died, back to the hardware store again, bought a new drill, back to finishing the roof sheeting. Im glad the hardware store is only 15mins from the block!

To complete the roof i still need to put the top and side cappings on and put the final screws in.

The Water Hole.

The New ladder and the 'anti sinking and stabilising' measures.

The second part of the roof done.

While i was putting more screws on the roof, Mum measured and cut the side and top flashings for the rollerdoors. (Hard to tell here, between the front wall and the roller door was exposed wall edges, they now have the colour of the wall.)

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