Monday, June 15, 2009

Roughly 12 months ago...

Having sold the house and purchased my block of land i guess I've kind of gone the tree change, this still didn't put a roof over my head, all my stuff moved to storage and i moved in with Mum and Dad, not entirely what i had anticipated but then again not much does so i went along with it.

My next move was to build a shed on the block, convert it to be livable and then build a house in a couple of years time. I spent some time looking at different options.

Living virtually out in the sticks you have to do some things differently, like you don't have town sewage treatment that you can plug into, you have to provide your own septic treatment facility on your block, access to water is whats called 'trickle' meaning there is next to no pressure and little of it, so you need to harvest and store your own water, a big water tank is required.

Looking at what my options are and what they could have been i wouldn't change them for the world.

This is my Mum, Dad and Brother (and me behind the camera) having a picnic on the block. This is kind of a tradition with buying land for us, anytime someone buys land a picnic follows.

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